Factories and industries release waste water that needs to be treated before it is deemed fit for use again. Testing this water for its chemical content requires a range of different testing products, depending on the chemicals used during manufacturing. We provide a range of industrial testing kits for water chemicals, pH testing, and other water testing equipment.

Industries also need to be a safe environment to work in, with exposure to chemicals that can cause damage – short term, or long term. The leakage of these gases and chemicals can be detrimental to workers’ health, and even production. We supply a range of industrial testing equipment for smooth functioning of factories, in terms of gas leakages, chemical testing in petrochemical industries, and valve positioners. We also supply Pneumatic valve and Actuator Valve products in other regions like Dubai, UAE, Ghana, Kenya, Saudi Arabia, Riyadh, and South Africa

You can find what you’re looking for to keep your industry safe within the following categories.

Calibration Gas, Regulators, Gas Detectors & Accessories

A calibration gas is used as a reference gas for the calibration of analytical equipment. We also supply gas regulators to ensure the safety of your personnel, as well as the right production environment.

To detect harmful circumstances, we also provide gas detectors, so you can ensure that the conditions are safe to work in.Find the right laboratory equipment with our range of calibration gas cylinders, pneumatic and actuator valves, gas flow regulators, and more.

Valve positioners

Valve positioners put valves in the right position by increasing or decreasing the air pressure on the actuator valve. This can be based on temperature, pressure, or flow. Valve positioners are important in industry and factory settings in their machinery, to ensure regulation of gases and chemicals during manufacture of products.  Explore our range of valve positioners, pneumatic valve, booster relays, and filter regulators. We also supply Pneumatic valve and Actuator Valve products in other regions like Ghana, Kenya, and South Africa