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XE: Electric / Pneumatic Positioner

  • Mounting kits interchangeable between E/P and P/P model
  • Simple zero and range adjustment
  • Linear Motion and Rotary Motion are available
  • 3 kinds of pilot relays, normal, steady, and fast.
  • No resonance 5 to 200 Hz(2G)
  • Innovative design supports various mounting position
  • 4 types characteristics are available with a single standard cam

CE E/P Positioner

– Compact and lightweight.
– The cam can be detachable with levers on.
– Split range available.
– High endurance for vibration.
– Easy zero-span adjustment.
– Easy maintenance.
– 4 to 20 mA feedback signal function available (optional).

CP P/P Positioner

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Linear motion and Rotary motion available
  • Split range available
  • Easy calibration
  • AUTO/MANUAL function

XR Filter Regulator

  • Polypropylene cloth-free filter, with less flow resistance
    Compared to sintered filter, a seventh flow resistance.

XB100: Booster relay

  • Flow characteristics suitable for control valves. The compatibility of the shorter stroking time with stability has been accomplished by the characteristics of XB100, namely a large air flow rate is obtained when the difference between signal pressure and output pressure becomes large and vice versa.


*The rechargeable battery type went out of production at the end of May 2016.
Designed for the easy calibration of I/P Positioners and 2-wire-type electrical transmitters.
Lightweight, portable and compact, allowing for a wide range of applications. At output currents other than 4~20mA, one machine can receive signals from a positioner’s output and 2-wire-type transmitter’s 4~20mA output.