Chemical testing is required for everything consumable – be it water, beverages, or even cosmetics. We are suppliers of test strips, dipslides, and water testing products like pH meters, soil testing kits, and potable water test kits like Coliform tests.

You can find testing equipment for home brews, cosmetics, and food and beverages, as well. We also supply our products in different regions like South Africa, Ghana, Kenya, Oman  Muscat, Qatar, Doha, Saudi Arabia, Riyadh, Kuwait, Farwaniya, Bahrain, and Manama.

Along with this, you can find all sorts of other laboratory equipment like incubators, reagents including buffer solutions, and first aid kits for layman use.

Search for your laboratory tests and water testing equipment in these categories

test strips

Test Strips and Dipslides

Test strips are small pieces of paper used to test chemical levels in substances. We provide test strips for soil, water, food, cosmetics, and health care, including and urinary test strips. These will gauge pH levels and other chemical levels.

Dip slides  are used to test microbial levels in liquids, often nutrient and pH levels in soil and water. We provide Lamotte testing kits and other test strips and dipslides for chemical and laboratory testing.

Test Kit Instruments and Reagents

We are laboratory test kit suppliers and water testing equipment suppliers for all your testing needs. Find a wide range of water testing equipment, buffer solutions, pH test strips, oil quality test kits and first aid kits that can be used in schools, laboratories, and commercially.

This includes First Aid Kits during travel and adventure sports, buffer solutions for laboratories, Coliform test kits for potable water, and Chlorine & pH tests for  swimming pools, jacuzzis, and so on.

Instruments for Water and Laboratory Analysis

Water needs to be tested for various chemicals – be it in soil, swimming pools, or during sewage treatment – to ensure its suitability for use. We provide water testing kits and water quality testing equipment for chlorine testing, benchtop meters, calibration kits, and marine water test kits for laboratory and commercial use.

LaMotte Water Testing Products

Water needs to be tested for its chlorine, bromine, and other chemical content, which also affects its pH levels. This is true for swimming pools, food and beverages, industrial use, laboratory use, and even groundwater and marine testing. We have Lamotte water testing equipment including coliform testing kits, pH test strips, continuous meters, and other laboratory testing equipment to choose from.