Laboratories in schools, scientific settings, and industries manufacturing different products, have different requirements for equipment and chemical testing. Our company supplies laboratory equipment, medical consumables, and even hospital furniture to healthcare and school settings. We even provide first aid kits for injuries sustained in outdoor and adventure sports. We are also laboratory equipment suppliers in Iran, Iraq, Qatar, Doha, Kenya, Ghana and South Africa.

We are also suppliers of marine equipment test kits that test marine water for aquatic rearing of plants and fish. These test kits are also suitable for potable water testing, to ensure marine water is adequately treated.

You can find our range of test kits and equipment within the following categories.

Lab Equipment Suppliers in Dubai

Laboratories for different sciences have different functions and requirements, and we have lab equipment for all. Find what you need from our range of medical equipment, medical consumables, hospital furniture, and laboratory consumables, like lab glassware. We are also laboratory equipment suppliers in Iran, Iraq, and all over Africa.

Marine Testing Supplies

Marine and aquatic life require certain conditions to thrive and survive,and it becomes necessary to create these conditions while developing marine culture artificially. Find a range of marine water testing kits, including ferroxyl test kits, fuel bacteria tests and more.