Gas Calibration Cylinder Recycler

The Air Products calibration gas cylinder recycler tool allows used non-refillable cylinders to be punctured and safely recycled. In the European Union, punctured non-refillable cylinders can be recycled through the regular waste stream as nonhazardous. Outside of the European Union, the relevant local authority should be consulted. Once punctured, non-refillable cylinders no longer need to be transported as dangerous goods, which reduces transport costs.


Instructions and safety precautions

  1. Safety glasses should be worn at all times when using the recycler.
  2. Before puncturing, the cylinder must be empty. It is recommended that EIGA IGC document 30 Disposal of Gases is followed before puncturing.
  3. The operator should be familiar with the properties of the gas as described on the safety data sheet, paying particular attention to safety and environmental data.
  4. The tool should be fixed to a stable surface using two M6 bolts (not supplied).
  5. Place the empty cylinder centrally in the recycler tool and wind the handle slowly clockwise until the bottle is fully pierced. As a precautionary measure, it is advisable to carry this out in well-ventilated area such as a fume cupboard or outdoors.
  6. The handle should now be wound slowly anti-clockwise to release the
    cylinder from the tool. The cylinder can then be recycled or disposed of by the preferred method.

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