Beer pH Test Strip 4.6-6.2

– Removable cap
– Water-resistant color chart
– Customization label
– Quick, accurate test
– 100 test strips

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Additional Information

Vial Dimensions:1.5″ (D) x 3″ (H) [38mm (D) x 76mm (H)]
Strip Dimensions:2.5″ (L) x .1875″ (W) [64mm (L) x 5mm (W)]
Shelf-Life:2 Years
Item #:PH4662-1V-100 (1 vial, 100 strips/vial)

Product Documentation


pH 4.6-6.2 SDS

Product Description

Narrow-range strip for testing the pH of beer mash.

Beer pH Test Strip 4.6-6.2

The narrow-range Beer pH test strip, pH 4.6-6.2, is used for testing beer mash. The pH of Yeast is best at 5.2-5.5.

1. Remove one Beer pH test strip from the vial.
2. Dip the test pad into the solution being tested for 1-2 seconds.
3. Remove the strip, and compare against the color chart within 10-15 seconds. Do not let the pad dry before reading against the color chart.