Chlorine (Free & Total) and pH Test Kit, Model CN-67

Control of chlorine and pH in pools and spas to maintain safe bathing conditions and to protect against system corrosion. Supplied with color discs and comparator for monitoring chlorine and pH, the Free & Total Chlorine and pH Test Kit provides more accuracy than test kits using color cubes.

  • One of Hach’s most popular test kits
  • Includes color discs and a comparator box for monitoring chlorine and pH
  • Kit contains all required reagents and apparatus in a rugged carrying case for analysis in the field

Product Description

What’s in the box?

Includes five reagents, two color discs, comparator box, two viewing tubes, instructions and carrying case.


Application: Pool and Spa
Number of tests: 300
Platform : Color Disc
Range: 6.6 – 8.4 pH units
Range 2:0 – 3.4 mg/L


Chlorine and pH Test Kit CN-67 (1411100)