• Embossing enables subjectively highlighting your perfume brand, logo or effigy.
  • Adds an added value to the Blotters.
  • We can perform all kinds of embossing: engraving, texturing, hand engraving or on various levels.
  • Thanks to the techniques we use and our experience, we assure you get high-quality results for your embossing on the blotters.

Product Description

Embossing, a privileged technique of sensory marketing

Embossing is a technique mastered for over 25 years by Scentis. This process allows you to play with the reliefs in order to suggestively highlight your brands, your logos and your different patterns.

Embossing adds a qualitative dimension to blotters by offering a unique feeling to the touch, a real marketing asset that will guarantee quality at first sight.

For you, we make all types of embossing: flat, textured, debossed or on several levels.

Thanks to our special tools and our expertise, we guarantee a quality result for your most refined and elegant productions.

This technique without printing can prove to be complex and requires two parts of tooling which must be consistent: the female part where the engraving will be carried out and the male part which is the counterpart.

In the case of a simple embossing, the tooling will simply be done by removing metal (copper, steel, brass or even magnesium).

Finally, the embossing of your products can be combined with other subtle effects such as hot foil stamping. You will get unique products that will strategically reach your targets.

Contact our sales department if you wish further technical explanations, we will be happy to answer all your requests.