Iron Test Strip

Measures Iron [Fe2+ (ferrous) or Fe3+ (ferric)] in water.

  • Desiccant vial with flip-top lid
  • Water-resistant color chart
  • Customizable label
  • 50 test strips

Product Description

Iron Test Strip

The Iron test strip measures Fe2+ (ferrous) or Fe3+ (ferric) in water from 0-100ppm in just seconds. This test strip has steps of 0, 2, 10, 25, 50, and 100ppm on the color chart. The Iron test strips only work on iron ions that are free in solution. They will not detect Iron that is complexed with a chelating agent, such as EDTA. Iron chelates are often used in products such as fertilizer to aid in improving the availability of the iron as a plant nutrient.


  1. Remove one Iron test strip from the bag.
  2. Immerse the test strip into the solution being tested for 2-3 seconds.
  3. Remove and compare to the color chart after 30 seconds.

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Additional Information

Vial Dimensions: 1.125″ (D) x 3.375″ (H) [29mm (D) x 86mm (H)]
Strip Dimensions: 2.5″ (L) x .1875″ (W) [64mm (L) x 5mm (W)]
Shelf-Life: 2 Years
Item #: IRO-1V-50 (1 vial, 50 strips/vial)

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