MaXtir™ 500H Hi-Temp.(500℃) Digital Hotplates

500C High Temp. Hotplate Stirrer 200×200, 230V

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Technical specifications
MaXtir™ Digital Hotplate
Body: powder coated aluminum Plate: solid ceramic glass plate, 200×200 mm
Stirring capacity
Max. 20 Liter
Temperature range and accuracy
Max. 500℃ ±0.3℃ at set temperature
Temperature resolution
0.1℃ Display 0.5℃ Control
Heating power / consumption
850 W
Digital LCD with back-light function
Digital feedback controller with Jog-Dial (turn+push) and touch button.
Hot top indicator
LED lamp
Permissible Temperature and RH %
Ambient +5 ~ 50℃, 85% RH
Dimensions / Weight
205×345×h135 mm / 3.3kg

Key features

  • High-quality ceramic glass plate and high-performance heater for maximum temperature 500℃
  • Superior heat-/ acid-/ chemical-resistant plate
  • Easy-to-clean plate
  • Hot-top indicator on the control panel ensures user safety from a burn
  • High-quality insulation (BTU) ensures user safety during operation at high temperature.
  • Brushless shade motor used: strong and precise stirring, minimized noise, long life-time
  • Two independent internal temperature sensor: accurate temperature control and over temperature protection.
  • New Jog-Dial and capacitive touch button for user convenience.