SMART 3 Colorimeter

The user-friendly SMART3 Colorimeter is the ideal direct reading colorimeter for complete on-site water analyses.

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Product Description

The compact SMART3 Colorimeter is ideal for water analysis in the field or in the lab. Easy to use software allows the analyst to choose a test factor from over 75 pre-programmed calibrations for LaMotte reagent systems. The reacted sample is always scanned at the optimum wavelength which is automatically selected from the multiple LED optical system and the test result is presented on the large, backlit display.The colorimeter test results is displayed directly in units of concentration, as well as Absorbance and %T, in one of seven languages. The analyst also has the option of entering up to 25 additional calibrations for analysis with custom reagent systems. Test factors can be arranged in any of three sequences that can be modified at any time to meet changing testing needs. The data logger holds up to 500 time and date stamped data points. A USB connection allows an interface of the colorimeter with a computer for real-time data acquisition and data transfer. Themeter logs up to 500 data points.


SMART 3 Colorimeter Features:

  • IP67 Waterproof
  • Large graphical liquid crystal display
  • Simple, menu-driven operation
  • Alphabetical test selection
  • Pre-programmed tests
  • Lithium ion rechargeable battery or computer/wall adapter
  • Data logger for 500 data points
  • 25 User tests
  • Backlit display
  • Auto-off
  • USB port
  • European CE mark

Additional Advancements include:

  • Superior narrow band-width interference filters
  • Super Twist Backlit LCD display for improved readability
  • Optional software for data storage and manipulation


SMART 3 Colorimeter Specifications

Readout:160 x 100 backlit LCD, 20 x 6 line graphical display
Wavelengths:428 nm, 525 nm, 568 nm, 635 nm
Wavelength Accuracy:±2% FS
Wavelength Bandwidth:10 nm typical
Photometric Range:-2 to +2 AU
Photometric Precision:±0.001 AU at 1.0 AU
Photometric Accuracy:±0.005 AU at 1.0 AU
Light Sources:4 LEDs
Detectors:4 silicon photodiodes with integrated interference filters
Modes:Pre-programmed tests, absorbance, %T
Languages:English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, Chinese, Japanese
Sample Chamber:25 mm diameter flat bottom test tubes, 10 mm square cuvettes, 16 mm COD tubes
USB Port:Mini B
Power:Lithium ion rechargeable battery, 3.7v, 2.5 x .75 inches, 1.7 oz. or USB computer cable or wall adapter
Battery:Charge Life: Approx. 380 tests with backlight on to 1000 tests with backlight off. (Singnal averaging disabled).
Battery Life: Approx. 500 charges
Auto Shut-off:Disabled, 5, 10, 50 minutes
Dimensions:8.84 x 19.05 x 6.35 cm; 3.5 x 7.5 x 2.5 inches
Weight:362 g; 13 ounces
Ship Dimensions:29.2 x 27.9 x 11.43 cm; 11.5 x 11 x 4.5 inches
Ship Weight:1.18 kg; 4 lbs.



SMART3 Colorimeter

Includes: Colorimeter, 6 sample tubes, COD / UDV adapter, USB wall/computer adapter,

USB cable, Quick Start Guide, manual.

Colorimeter Accessories/Replacement Items:

Description Codes

  • Test Tubes with caps (6)
  • USB Cable
  • USB Wall Adapter
  • COD/UDV Adapter
  • Car Charger

Reagents System

Reagent Systems

New tests are being developed for the SMART3. Please contact our Technical Service Department for information regarding additions of new tests.

Test FactorRange ppmMDLTest Method# of TestsShipping CodeOrder
(# of reagents)Code
Alkalinity UDV0-20010UDV (1)100NH4318-J
Aluminum0.00-0.300.01Eriochrome Cyanine R (4)50NH3641-01-SC
Ammonia Nitrogen-LR (Fresh Water)0.00-1.000.05Salicylate (3)25R23659-01-SC
Ammonia Nitrogen-LR (Salt Water)0.00-1.000.1Salicylate (3)25R23659-01-SC
Ammonia Nitrogen HR0.00-4.000.024Nesslerization (2)50R13642-SC
BiquanideJul-702Colorimetric (1)50NH4044
Borate UDV0.00-80.005Unit Dose Vial (1)100NH4322-J
Boron0.00-0.800.05Azomethine-H (2)50NH4868
Bromine LR0.00-9.000.1DPD Tablets (3)100NH3643-SC
Bromine UDV0.0-20.00.25Unit Dose Vial (1)100NH4311-J
Cadmium0.00-1.000.04PAN (4)50R14017-01
Carbohydrazide0.000-0.9000.01Iron Reduction (3)100R14857
Chloride TesTab0.0-30.00.4Argentometric (1)50NH3693-SC
Chlorine (Free & Total)0.00-4.000.006DPD Tablets (3)100NH3643-SC
Chlorine Free UDV0.00-10.000.15Unit Dose Vial (1)100NH4311-J
Chlorine Liquid DPD0.00-4.000.017DPD (3)144R14859
Chlorine Total UDV0.00-10.000.002Unit Dose Vial (1)100NH4312-J
Chlorine Dioxide0.00-8.000.01DPD Tablet/Glycine (2)50NH3644-SC
Chromium Hexavalent0.00-1.000.01Diphenylcarbohydrazide (1)50HA3645-SC
Chromium (Total, Hex & Trivalent)0.00-1.000.01Diphenylcarbohydrazide (5)50HF3698-SC
Cobalt0.00-2.000.04PAN (3)50HF4851
COD LR with Mercury*0-1507.5Digestion (1)25R10075-SC
COD LR without Mercury*0-1507.5Digestion (1)25R10072-SC
COD SR with Mercury*0-150040Digestion (1)25R10076-SC
COD SR without Mercury*0-150040Digestion (1)25R10073-SC
COD HR with Mercury*0-15,000400Digestion (1)25R10077-SC
COD HR without Mercury*0-15,000400Digestion (1)25R10074-SC
Color0-100020Platinum Cobalt (0)?NHNA
Copper BCA0.00-3.500.04Bicinchoninic Acid (1)50NH3640-SC
Copper Cuprizone0.00-2.000.03Cuprizone (2)50R14023
Copper DDC0.00-7.000.1Diethyldithiocarbamate (1)100NH3646-SC
Copper UDV0.0-4.00.1Unit Dose Vial, Bicinchoninic acid (1)100NH4314-J
Cyanide0.00-0.500.01Pyridine-Barbituric Acid (5)50R13660-SC
Cyanuric Acid5-2003Melamine (1)100R13661-01-SC
Cyanuric Acid UDV5-1501.3Unit Dose Vial, Melamine (1)100NH4313-J
DEHA0.000-0.7000.01Iron Reduction (3)100NH4857
Dissolved Oxygen (DO)0.0-10.00.6Winkler Colorimetric (3)100R13688-SC
Erythorbic Acid0.00-3.000.02Iron Reduction (3)100R14857
Fluoride0.00-2.000.1SPADNS (2)50R13647-02
Hardness (Total) UDV0-45010UDV (1)100NH4309-J
Hydrazine0.00-1.000.01p-dimethylaminobenzaldehyde (2)50R23656-01-SC
Hydrogen Peroxide LR0.00-1.500.02DPD (2)100NH3662-SC
Hydrogen Peroxide HR0.0-80.00.05DPD (2)150NH4045-01
Hydrogen Peroxide Shock0-3005DPD (2)100NH4045
Hydroquinone0.00-2.000.01Iron Reduction (3)100R14857
Iodine0.00-14.000.15DPD Tablets (2)100NH3643-SC
Iron0.00-6.000.1Bipyridyl (2)50R13648-SC
Iron UDV0.00-10.000.05Unit Dose Vial Bipyridyl (1)100NH4315-H
Iron Phenanthroline0.00-5.000.061,10 Phenanthroline (2)50R13668-01-SC
Lead0.00-5.000.1PAR (5)50HF4031
Manganese LR0.00-0.700.01PAN (3)50R13658-01-SC
Manganese HR0.0-15.00.3Periodate (2)50HF3669-SC
Mercury0.00-1.500.01TMK (3)50R14861
Methylethylketoxime0.00-3.000.01Iron Reduction (3)100R14857
Molybdenum HR0.0-50.00.6Thioglycolate (3)50HF3699-03-SC
Nickel0.00-8.000.15Dimethylglyoxime (6)50R13663-SC
Nitrate Nitrogen LR0.00-3.000.1Cadmium Reduction (2)20NH3649-SC
Nitrate TesTab0-605Zinc Reduction (1)50NH3689-SC
Nitrite Nitrogen LR0.00-0.800.02Diazotization (2)20R13650-SC
Nitrogen, Total*3-25 mg/L3Chromotropic Acid/Digestion (6)25NH4026
Ozone0.00-3.000.011DPD (3)100NH4881
Ozone LR0.00-0.400.02Indigo Trisulfonate (3)100NH3651-SC
Ozone HR0.00-2.500.05Indigo Trisulfonate (3)20NH3651-SC
pH CPR5.0-6.8Chlorophenol Red (3)100NH3700-01-SC
pH PR6.6-8.4Phenol Red (3)100NH3700-01-SC
pH TB8.0-9.6Thymol Blue (3)100NH3700-01-SC
Phenol0.00-6.000.05Aminoantipyrine (3)50NH3652-SC
Phosphate LR0.00-3.000.05Ascorbic Acid Reduction (2)50R23653-SC
Phosphate HR0.0-70.00.5Vanadomolybdophosphoric Acid (1)50R13655-SC
Phosphate, ppb0-3000 ppb50 ppbAscorbic Acid/Digestion (2)50R23653-SC
Phosphorus, Total LR*0.00-3.500.5Ascorbic Acid/Digestion (5)25R14024-01
Phosphorus, Total HR*0.0-70.05Molybdoranadate/Digestion (5)25R14025-01
Potassium0.0-10.00.8Tetraphenylboron (2)100R13639-SC
Silica LR0.0-4.00.05Heteropoly Blue (4)100R13664-SC
Silica HR0.0-75.00.5Silicomolybdate (3)50R13687-SC
Sulfate HR0-1003Barium Chloride (1)100R13665-SC
Sulfide LR0.00-1.500.06Methylene Blue (3)50R13654-02-SC
Surfactants0.00-8.000.75Bromphenol Blue (3)100HF4876
Tannin0.0-10.00.1Tungstomolybdophosphoric Acid (3)50R13666-01-SC
Turbidity0-500 FTU3 FAUAbsorptimetric (0)?NHNA
Zinc LR0.00-3.000.05Zincon (6)50HF3667-01-SC

* Requires COD Heater Block, sold separately.
Shipping Codes: NH Non Hazardous; HF Hazardous Materials; R1 Small Quanitiy Hazardous;
R2 & R3 Hazardous Materials