Extra High Level Chlorine Test Strip, 10000ppm

Desiccant vial with flip-top lid
Water-resistant color chart
Customizable label
100 test strips
Bulk quantities available

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Product Description

Detect extra high levels of free chlorine where significant levels of disinfection is required.

Extra High Level Chlorine Test Strip, 10000ppm

The Extra High Level Chlorine test strip tests levels of free chlorine in a solution, in steps of 0-1000-2500-5000-7500-10,000ppm, giving results in just seconds. This test strip is great for environments requiring high levels of sanitation/disinfection, such as hospitals.

1. Dip a test strip into the solution for 1 second.
2. Remove the strip and wait 30 seconds, then compare to the color chart within the next 10 seconds.

NOTE: The color on the pad may not be uniform, and this is normal.

Additional Information

Vial Dimensions: 1.125″ (D) x 3.375″ (H) [29mm (D) x 86mm (H)]
Shelf-Life: 2 Years
Item # (1): CHL-10000-1V-100 (1 vial, 100 strips/vial)

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Extra High Level Chlorine SDS


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