Nutrient TTC-Malt Dipslide

General purpose dipslide, which will support the growth of a wide variety of organisms, including bacteria, yeasts and molds.

  • Tightly sealed vial
  • Longer shelf-life than contact plates
  • Two tests in one
  • Flexible paddle for surface testing
  • Customizable label
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Product Description

Nutrient TTC-Malt Dipslide

The weekly monitoring of bacteria levels in cooling water has been recommended by many legislators and professional authorities as a visual performance indicator to both system and treatment regime. This allows the user to gauge how effective a chemical or biocide product is in the particular application, and a trend can be quickly established identifying changes and taking quick remedial action where required. The Nutrient TTC-Malt dipslide is a recommended product for testing in this industry. The general industry guide is, counts should not exceed 103.

It should be noted that dipslides alone do not detect Legionella as a select microorganism, however, it is generally accepted that overall bacteria levels in excess of 104 are considered able to support Legionella and is a serious risk.

Similarly, the Nutrient TTC-Malt dipslide is frequently used to test cutting fluids. Uncontrolled or excess bacteria growth in cutting fluids can cause health problems, such as skin contamination or inhalation into the respiratory tract. This issue arises as the fluid develops aerosols when sprayed against high speed rotating work-pieces, presenting serious infection risks to operators. Excess bacterial fouling can lead to reduced efficiency of the actual fluid, resulting in overheating of the work-piece and tool damage. Then of course, there are the unpleasant odors present and a change in pH of the fluid. Full details are available on the HSE website.

BioPaddlesLite iTunes App

The BioPaddlesLite App is a free app that helps you presumptively identify bacteria and mold colonies growing on your dipslide. By selecting the agar you used and the microhabitat you tested, the app will narrow down results from over 80 standard images. Compare your dipslide growth to the images for a presumptive identification, or use the grid for counting colonies. A more robust version is available for $5.99. The full BioPaddles app includes a library of over 250 standard images, as well as a camera function and reporting feature.

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Additional Information

Paddle Dimensions: 1.167” (W) x 3.25” (H) [30mm (W) x 83mm (H)]
Shelf-Life: 6-9 Months
Item # (1): M-NUT-MALT-10 (10 Dipslides)
Item # (2): M-NUT-MALT-100 (100 Dipslides Bulk)

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