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Elastic Crepe Bandage


EM_0801 Elastic Crepe Bandage Red Line PE Packing 5×4.5m

EM_0802 Elastic Crepe Bandage Red Line PE Packing 7.5×4.5m

EM_0803 Elastic Crepe Bandage Red Line PE Packing 10×4.5m

Elastic Tubular Support Bandage


EM_0861 Elastic Tubular Bandage, A#(5cm) x 10m

EM_0862 Elastic Tubular Bandage, B#(6.5cm) x 10m

EM_0863 Elastic Tubular Bandage, C#(6.75cm) x 10m

EM_0864 Elastic Tubular Bandage, D#(7.5cm) x 10m

EM_0865 Elastic Tubular Bandage, E#(8.75cm) x 10m

EM_0866 Elastic Tubular Bandage, F#(10cm) x 10m

EM_0867 Elastic Tubular Bandage, A#(12cm) x 10m


  • High tearing strength
  • Does not cause allergy
  • Smooth texture

Gauge Swabs


EM_1011 Gauge Swab 8PLY 40’S 19X15 Non Sterile 5x5cm

EM_1012 Gauge Swab 8PLY 40’S 19X15 Non Sterile 7.5x75cm

EM_1013 Gauge Swab 8PLY 40’S 19X15 Non Sterile 10x10cm

EM_1014 Gauge Swab 12PLY 40’S 19X15 Non Sterile 5x5cm

EM_1015 Gauge Swab 12PLY 40’S 19X15 Non Sterile 7.5x75cm

EM_1016 Gauge Swab 12PLY 40’S 19X15 Non Sterile 10x10cm

  • Soft and highly absorbent gauze to increase efficiency.
  • Consistent quality of gauge construction, absorbency levels and weight.

Griffin style (low form) beakers 1000ml Code#: 50053

Griffin style (low form) beakers are the industry standard for a wide variety of lab applications. Graduations are high quality screen printing. Bull nose lip and molded pour spout minimize spillage in liquid transfer. Autoclavable, non-toxic and biologic

High Elastic Bandage


EM_1151 High Elastic Bandage 10cmx4.5cm

EM_1152 High Elastic Bandage 7.5cmx4.5cm

EM_1153 High Elastic Bandage 5cmx4.5cm


Separating substances at medium rotational speeds: IKA G-L is the ideal midi centrifuge for all types of separation processes such as those found in molecular biology. It can be used with standard 1.5/2 ml vessels, as well as with PCR strips. The cover opens automatically at the press of a button.
Safe use
The centrifuge is fitted with a metal cover and does not start until it is firmly closed.
State-of-the-art display
The completely intuitive navigation is carried out through a membrane keypad. This allows an easy setting of speed, rotational speed or programmes.
Powerful motor
With a rotational speed of up to 15,700 rpm, the centrifuge is fitted with a high-performance motor.

Broad scope of delivery
Metal rotor and cover for 12 vessels, with a capacity of 1.5/2 ml, are already included in the scope of delivery.
Scope of delivery

  • IKA G-L
  • Metal rotor set 12 x 1.5/2.0 ml
  • Screwdriver for opening the lid in emergency
  • USB cable

IKA mini G

Mini-centrifuge for all applications which do not require high speeds, e.g. micro-filtrations and cell separation. Transparent cover allows constant observation of centrifuge. The mini-centrifuge can be used for both PCR-vessels and PCR-strips. As a safety feature, the centrifuge will run only when the lid is closed. Lid opens easily with the press of a button.

  • Fixed speed of 6000 rpm
  • Digital timer adjustable from 1 to 99 mins
  • Integrated quick stop
  • Fast startup of speed
  • Compact design and quiet operation
  • Rotor exchangeable without tools
  • Easy operation with touch keypad

Accessories included in delivery:

  • Rotor 8 x 1.5 / 2 ml
  • Rotor 4 x strip 8 x 0.2 ml
  • Adapter set 0.5 ml x 8
  • Adapter set 0.4 ml x 8
  • Adapter set 0.2 ml x 8

Scope of delivery

  • IKA mini G
  • Rotor for 8 x 1.5/2 ml vessels
  • Rotor for 4 x 8 x 0.2 ml PCR strips
  • 8 adapters for 0.5 ml vessels (8x)
  • Adapter set for 0.4 ml vessels (8x)
  • Adapter set for 0.2 ml vessels (8x)


The mini centrifuge is used for serum extraction from whole blood, supernate extraction from different samples, micro blood cell separation, bio-sample treatment, samples quick sedimentation and PCR sample treatment.

Non Woven Swab


EM_1041 Non-woven Swab Size: 5cmx5cm, 6PLY, 30G/M2,

EM_1042 Non-woven Swab Size: 7.5cmx7.5cm, 6PLY, 30G/M2, 100pcs/pkt, 150pkts/ctn

EM_1043 Non-woven Swab Size: 10cmx10cm, 6PLY, 30G/M2,100pcs/pkt, 100pkts/ctn

  • Soft and gentle to the touch yet strong and durable even when wet.
  • Holds its shape and texture better than cotton gauze swabs
  • Reduces snagging on structures and provides excellent wound release.
  • Versatile use, cleans, absorbes and wicks